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Program example

To illustrate how beneficial the program can be, let’s see how it could work for one operator.

  • Christina owns an ice cream parlor in Kansas City
  • She enrolls in the program and automatically enters at the Silver Level
  • Her operation regularly purchases J. Hungerford Smith Old Fashioned Chocolate Fudge, which is in the Dessert Toppings Category
  • Christina purchases a case of Reddi-wip Extra Creamy Whipped Topping for the first time, which is in the Whipped Topping Category
  • Because Reddi-wip is a “new to you” category for Christina, she moves up to Gold Level
  • Now she can earn even more points plus larger rebates and rewards
  • If Christina buys from two more categories that are new to her, she will move all the way up to Platinum Level and enjoy the most benefits
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