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The new Operator Success Program (OSP) from Conagra Foodservice is here and it’s the easiest way to earn valuable rewards for buying products and trying new items. You can join for free and your points never expire as long as you’re in the program.

How It Works

Sign up now and you can:

  1. Earn points for purchases and other participation
  2. Level up when you spend points or buy from a product category that’s new to you
  3. Get rewards including rebates, free products and much more

Program Levels

There are three levels and the rewards get even greater every time you level up.

Level How to Achieve it Rewards
Silver Simply sign up today
  • Access to Conagra Foodservice Rebates
  • Ability to Spend Points
Gold Buy from one product category that’s new to you or spend 2,000 points
  • Access to Gold Level Rebates
  • Access to All Silver Rewards
Platinum Buy from two more product categories that are new to you or spend 6,000 points
  • Access to Platinum Level Rebates
  • Access to All Gold Rewards
See Example

See an example of how the program works, and how easy it is to level up

Earning Points

There are many ways to earn points and they never expire as long as you’re in the program.

Action Points Earned
Complete Your Profile 30 points
Validate Your Email 20 points
Take a Survey 10 points
Refer a Peer 10 points
Purchase a Case of Any Product 10 points per case

Types of Rebates

There are two rebate types as shown below. All Conagra Foodservice rebates will be included in the program. Distributor rebates are not included.

Rebate Type Who Qualifies Includes
1. Universal Rebates Anyone in the program
  • All Brand Rebates
  • Brand Rewards
  • Trial Rewards Rebates
2. Exclusive Level Rebates Based on Program Level
  • Exclusive rebates for each level
  • The higher you go, the more you can earn
  • Segment-specific rebates
  • Seasonal rebates

Receiving Rewards

Here are some of the rewards you can earn in the program:

  • Free Case to try when you reach the Platinum Level
  • Buy a one-time use rebate from the level above your level
  • Limited Offer! Ideate new menu items on a 30-minute call with a Conagra Foodservice Chef
  • Receive branded merchandise

And many more! - Log in to your Dashboard to see all Rewards